The Delay

Every time I think of embarking on this writing, I feel tired thinking about the execution of it. But my biggest regret is to not have started this at the time i bought this domain, and i was just owning it thinking someday I will do it – will start it. I have encouraged and empowered a few to start blogs and they have grown. I on the other hand have delayed this writing so much.

I finally found the content i want to focus on, and I think this should be it. I have started. All alone in the world of internet, I am also sharing a space and keying this in. My problem is I overthink about the whole thing, instead of just starting and going to where it takes me. It was a foolish notion to expect perfection on the first few attempts – hence this is the delayed work of what I wanted to express.

This is for my daughters, as I journeyed the space of life, I have a few things to tell them. To remind them, to encourage and to entertain, to once hold them again with my words when I am no longer around. This is for both of you. This is my 10 year project.


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